About Exocubic

My name is John Stough. For the last couple of decades I have been in the world of complex software architecture development, working on robotics, industrial controls, 3D visualization, artificial intelligence, and (most recently) avionics. During the early part of my career, just after my stint in the US Air Force, I started a side consulting business called Exocubic. For a couple of years, I was full-time with this consulting, but for now I am quite fulfilled as the Chief Architecture Officer of JHNA, a small defense contractor working on things like the Future Airborne Capabilities Environment (FACE) and Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA). I still do some entrepreneurial consulting on the edges, having helped launch a couple of non-profits, coffee shops, and being involved in church planting.

Exocubic, LLC is a management consulting company focused on solving complex business challenges.  The name is a reference to the term “think outside the box” popularized by management consultants years ago. I am the principal consultant and founder, though I regularly have assisted with outsourced and specialized teams, including overseas developers, being the technical proxy for Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), and helping heritage companies modernize and embrace technological transformations. In my career, which has a primary focus on Software Architecture, the theme of problem solving has been paramount.  Architectural solutions in Information Technology is about much more that software frameworks; it has to do with innovation, creativity, business structures, process improvement, personality dynamics, and project management.

So how does all of that fit into being a consultant? More importantly, what is does any of this have to do with being a bi-vocational church planter?! Well, everything! I have assisted in consulting for process re-engineering and business management practices for a number of companies, held conferences on creative thinking, and woven all of these into speaking engagements for groups as diverse as the “Army Virtual Lab” and college ministry Fall Retreats.  You can find out more about me from my profile on LinkedIn. For more information, including speaking requests or consulting inquiries, please contact me.

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