Who I Am

In order to function as human beings, we need to understand our own identity and be able to functionally relate that to other humans and our environment around us. This is a little about me and the next chapter in my life. First, some identity statements about me:

I am a consultant.
I am a software architect.
I am an innovator.
I am an entrepreneur.
I am a veteran.
I am a pilot.
I am a leader.
I am a father.
I am a husband.
I am a skeptic.
I am a Christian.
I am a church planter.

None of the statements above excludes any other, particularly the oddity (in the view of many) of being a skeptic and a Christian. The word “Skeptic” has been hijacked to mean one skeptical of religion. Fine, Jesus was also skeptical of religion and religious power claims (more than skeptical, He was directly opposed to it!). However, to truly be a skeptic we must look at different angles to everything, to think outside of the box, to be exocubic (shameless plug). The whole idea of my consultancy is based on my having a way of looking at things that assumes that everyone has a Prevailing Assumption (a term that I coined to explain a specific belief construct and will explain in another post).

Identity is critical to this whole endeavor of life. I intend to write this blog from my ever-changing perspective for two reasons: First, it is for me as I continue to understand who I am; second, it is for you, because I hope that some of the nuggets of wisdom I have learned may be of some value to you. I will be writing from all of these perspectives.

Those two things will affect what you read here. Sometimes I may write about software design, avionics, and architecture. I have some business ventures including some in healthcare and science software. I am often asked to speak publicly on the study of truth and creative thought. I preach every week but am really bad about getting my notes out to folks quickly, so I may post random snippets of stuff up here to put in out in a place where it can be used while I am complying with my inner OCD perfectionist that wants it to be PERFECT before I post it on an “official” site. My consulting site (www.Exocubic.com) will be the official business site, the startup software site (www.NearMe.Net) will have that stuff, LOVEHuntsville non-profit and creative artwork will go where it needs to (www.LOVEHuntsville.com), and the Huntsville Berean church will also get updated (www.BereanHSV.org). I’ve been delaying on all of those simply because I have lots of notes that are half completed.

So, in that frame of reference, I WILL JUST PUBLISH AND FINISH LATER WITH MORE POSTS and trust that you will be OK with incomplete thoughts. I have learned this about myself – if I don’t give myself the freedom to post incomplete thoughts then I won’t finish.I ask you to give me that freedom to. But it’s my blog so…

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