Executable Standards Keynote Presentation

For much of my career, I have worked on things I can’t really talk about. Recently, however, I have been involved with the development of the Future Airborne Capabilities Environment (FACE), an open standard in the avionics industry specifically adopted and supported by the Army program I support, Future Vertical Lift. One aspect of this involved creating an open source reference implementation of using the standard, the BALSA example. It was (at the time of this presentation) a simple ADS-B version of a “Hello World” application aimed at helping with developer on-ramping and understanding of the FACE Technical Standard.   I was invited by Dave at The Open Group to speak at their national conference as a Keynote (on a panel with two others) on making open standards executable. I have pasted the YouTube link here of that presentation, posted by The Open Group; my part of the talk starts at 15 minutes in and goes until 32 minutes. So, if you are curious about what I do as a Software Architect, check it out!

*Footnotes: We renamed the Code Challenge software to BALSA as the “Basic Avionics Lightweight Source Archetype” because it has taken on a slightly larger scope than just the ADS-B example requirement – but that is beside the point of this post.  If I said anything incorrect or misleading, pardon my mistake – I do not officially represent The Open Group, the FACE Consortium or the US Army in this presentation. I do, however, humbly seek to represent my employer JHNA in the task; I work with an amazing group of people for a fantastic company.  

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